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DarkStar's Quarters


Welcome to my quarters.

Now. There are actually two websites on here, because I couldn't be bothered to get another website. Why waste when I have enough bandwidth and free space on this one?

The first website is exactly what you are seeying: DarkStar's Quarters. To see it just scroll past this bit. There's not much to it, so if you get bored check out my second website.

The second website is a website full of photos of my Holiday to Romania in the Summer of 2004. There's lots of info in what we did and stuff, and some info on Romania itself. By the way, I strongly suggest that you use Internet Explorer to view it because I've tried NetScape and I couldn't see the alt text on the photos. Alt text is the text the appears when you hover your mouse cursor over a picture. The holiday website explains what each photo is using alt text, so you really need to be able to see it.

Please click on the picture to enter the 'Holiday to Romania in the Summer of 2004' page.
Click here to enter!

Here is a list of the thumbnails of the pictures that I have on this web page.
Click on a picture thumbnail to see it in it's full glory, but it will take a little longer to load.
All pictures are in JPG format.

Everybody fear, coz DarkStar is here!
This is my logo.
(64.3 KB)

I made this one in class. It inspired me to draw some more.
(80.3 KB)

I'll make the blueprints for the Centurion on the computer.
This is a normal white page. I had to change its colours so that you can see the pencil drawings clearly. The scanner didn't pick them out that well.
Here you can see my concept fighter, and some small details about its function and design.
(52.5 KB)

Fast, Sleek, Deadly.
Here you can see the final drawing of the new Centurion ship.
It is a Tie class ship, and it carries some of the Tie's strenghts and weakensses. I will add the Centurion's specifications soon, along with the blueprints, as I make them.
(31.4 KB)

Check it out!
Here's the first blueprint I made. It took longer to make than the whole of this site! ;-)
But it was fun. :-D
Oh yea...in case you were wondering, I made it in Microsoft Paint. Heh heh heh.
Also, it's pretty big, but you gotta see it!
(513 KB)


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ALL pictures, drawings and diagrams are made by and Copyright © 2002 to Rafael Atomulesei. All rights reserved.
Do not use my pictures without my permission. Please contact me if you want to use my pictures in any way.